Neurotransmitters and psychedelics

When we do psychedelic therapy we want to prevent bad trips. This prevention starts with the intakeform. On basis of a neurotransmitter test and an intake, our clients receive advice on how to get their neurotransmitters more in balance through diet, supplements and exercise. A recent study shows for the first time in history that the level of glutamate in the hippocampus plays an important role in whether the psychedelic trip is experienced as a good or bad trip. A high level of glutamate has a strong correlation with a negative psychedelic experience. A good preparation in the field of balancing the neurotransmitters is therefore not for nothing.

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Less chance of bad trips with less glutamate in the hippocampus

Glutamate and GABA in the brain

A lowered glutamate concentration in the brain (hippocampus) thus results in a more positive psychedelic experience. Increasing the neurotransmitter GABA decreases the glutamate concentration in the brain. This mechanism also works the other way around. People with little GABA have more glutamate and therefore suffer more from anxiety-related complaints and more chance of a bad trip. Increasing GABA and thus decreasing glutamate is advisable for some people and can be done with supplements, for example.

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The glutamate inhibitory effect of GABA

Eat less Glutamate to prevent a bad trip?

Glutamate is an amino acid, a building block of proteins, and is therefore ingested when eating proteins. Glutamate is used by our intestines as a source of energy and the glutamate that does enter the bloodstream can hardly cross the blood-brain barrier. So reducing glutamate and MSG (E621) has a very limited impact, although MSG may be better left alone. Ironically, glutamate is also the building block of GABA, which reduces the activity of glutamate in the brain. So getting less glutamate through food is pointless. Increasing GABA, on the other hand, does.

Set and setting are important for a good trip

Set and setting are also very decisive for the effect of the psychedelic trip. Still it is fascinating that actually everything counts when it comes to how we feel and how the psychedelic trip is experienced. Actually there is nothing that can be ignored and that simple substances such as glutamate and GABA have so much influence on our emotions and consciousness. Are you asking yourself what the question “who am I?” means if even these factors play a role in your state of mind and the choices you make?

We are happy to help you out

It is a great passion to understand the links between psychology and health in a biochemical way and to help people. It is different from the standard approach in psychology, because we are much more than just our psyche and therefore we want to take a holistic approach in order to maximise the results. Would you also like to try the holistic approach we offer through trip therapy? We are ready for you.

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